Amazon Quiz Answer Sony Bravia,Tv And Google Play Recharge Code Quiz,,


Amazon Quiz Answer Today Live Now. Amazon Quiz Answer Today 30 November.Amazon  Parday a Golden chance win Exciting prizes . Today Qustion Is .Google Play Recharge code on Amazon offers you to purchase for any amount upto _______


(Google Play Recharge Code Quiz.)

Amazon Quiz Answer Google Play Recharge Code Quiz.)


Q1.Google Play Recharge code on Amazon offers you to purchase for any amount upto _______


Answer:-INR 5000


Q2.Which of these activities can you do with a Google Play recharge code?


Answer:-All of these


Q3 .To purchase a Google Play recharge code on Amazon, one has to go to which page?


Answer;-Amazon Pay


Q4.When does the Google Play balance expire?


Answer:-It will not expire until you use


Q5.After paying for the Google Play recharge code, you can find recharge code on ‘Your Orders’ page of Amazon.






 Amazon Television Day Quiz.Answer . This  Wabside Provided you, Best Online Sopping Offers,Free Paytm wallet Cashback Offers, Google Pay Marchant Cashback Offers, Best Tricks And Trips,



Q1.Which Bollywood megastar made his television debut in 2000 with an Indian version of a British game show?
Amazon Quiz Answer


Answer:-Amitabh Bachchan


Q2.Krishi Darshan, Chaupaal, Samachar, and Kalyani were the first programs on which channel?




Q3.First transmitted on BBC in 1938, what was the world’s first television gameshow?


Answer:-Spelling Bee


Q4.Which company, in 1982, produced the first mass-produced pocket television: the Watchman?




Q5.The ‘Neighbor’s Envy, Owner’s Pride’ slogan is associated with which brand of TV?





Amazon  Quiz Answer is come at the end of summer and winter and right in the middle of a party. What am I?


Q1.I come at the end of summer and winter and right in the middle of a party. What am I?


Answer:-The letter R


Q2.I come at the start of Rocket and at the end of cracker, what am I?


Answer:-The letter R


Q3.If you arrange these occasions in alphabetical order in English- which one comes last – Diwali, Durga Ashtami, Dussehra, Dhanteras?




Q4.Which of these glasses will get filled first?




Q5 All the letters in the first name of this cricketer are also there in which of these occasions/ festivals?




(International Men’s Day Quiz)

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Q1.Which of these is the 2020 theme for International Men’s Day?


Answer:-Better health for men and boys.


Q2.In the 2018 Hollywood film ‘First Man’, Ryan Gosling portrayed the role of which iconic ‘first’ man?


Answer:-Neil Armstrong


Q3.The Complete Man is an iconic ad campaign from which fashion brand?



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Q4.The visual shows a cricket match between the men’s teams of India and which country?

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Google pay Go India Goa Events Answer


Q5.What is the name given to the annual event where men grow moustaches to raise awareness of men’s health issues including prostate cancer?





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